Oscillation Built-in-Self-Test for ADC Linearity Testing in Deep Submicron CMOS Technology

Koay Soon Chan1,  Nuzrul Fahmi1,  Kim Chon Chan1,  Terk Zyou Lok1,  Chee Wai Yong1,  Adam Osseiran2
1Marvell Semiconductor Sdn. Bhd., 2Edith Cowan University


This paper proposes an Oscillation BIST (OBIST) that is meant to test ADCs fabricated in sub 100nm processes. The design is intended to be capable of testing a 10-bit ADC that was designed in 40nm CMOS. The design scheme presents a simple analog stimulus generator that was designed in 40nm CMOS together with schematic based simulation results. There is also a description of a calibration circuit and a high-level implementation of a BIST control system to run the BIST and to calculate static parameters such as Differential Non-linearity (DNL) and Integral Non-linearity (INL). Simulation results for the analog stimulus generator suggest that OBIST might still be a viable method to test ADCs despite device scaling to sub 100nm processes.