Full System Power Delivery Analysis for Single Ended Interface

Heng Chuan Shu,  Bok Eng Cheah,  Jackson Kong,  Sze Geat Pang,  Li Chuang Quek
Intel Microelectronics (M) Sdn. Bhd.


The conventional power delivery analysis applying Icc(t) approach has the propensity to yield pessimistic outcome that leads to power delivery network (PDN) over-design. In addition, the noise profile captured using Icc(t) approach has high prospect of miscorrelation with the lab measurement data. Recent works adopting the signal integrity and power delivery (SIPD) co-simulation approach was found fruitful to produce better results compare to the conventional Icc(t) approach. However, the SIPD co-simulation approach is still unable to address the miscorrelation between the simulation and validation results based on time domain analysis. In this paper, the limitations of the Icc(t) based methodology and several important simulation assumptions that are critical to further improve the simulation accuracy are discussed. Key parameters that pose significant impacts to power delivery noise behavior are characterized through this evaluation. The impact of the power delivery noise to overall signaling perfomance is also enveloped in this paper for future design references.