Thermal and Optical Analysis of Multi-chip LED Packages with Different Electrical Connection and Driving Current

Ming Yeng Lim,  Sik Hong Gan,  Sze Yen Lee,  Zhi Yin Lee,  Mutharasu Devarajan
Universiti Sains Malaysia


The junction temperature and the thermal resistance are vital characteristics that will determine the overall performance of LED packages. The influence of two different electrical connections of multi-chip LED packages on the thermal and optical characteristics is discussed in this paper. The thermal and optical characteristics of the LED package are investigated. Measurements are carried out on LED packages with series and parallel connections in sequence. The objective of this study is to compare the thermal and optical performance of the LED packages with different electrical connections. Experimental results revealed that there is a slight variation of 3 to 5% in RthJA and ΔTJ values between both connections. For both thermal and optical measurements, the results for parallel connection are observed to be better than that for series connection.