High Inference Speed Analog Fuzzy Logic Controller

1Research Scholar, Jabalpur Engineering College, Jabalpur, India, 2PROFESSOR,Dept.of Electronics & Communication Engg.,Jabalpur Engineering College, Jabalpur, India, 3PROFESSOR,Dept. of Mathematics,Jabalpur Engineering College, Jabalpur, India


In this paper, current mode programmable Fuzzifier circuit is proposed. It explores the generation of flexible membership functions, their shapes and degree of overlap etc by tuning different reference voltages and different W/L ratios. One differential pair per membership function for fuzzy controller circuit is proposed. The new min-max circuit for fuzzy rule evaluation or fuzzy inference has been designed. Also, divider circuit has been proposed for defuzzification process. Compared to Hardware description language approach it is found that the rule base in analog signal approach is dynamic. The various advantages of analog approach for the proposed application have also been presented. It is a two-input single output fuzzy controller that can be implemented in 0.25μm CMOS technology capable of processing 25 rules. The maximum delay was found to be 9.915ns for processing of 25 rules and the value of FLIPS was found to be 100.85 MFLIPS.