A 2.5-12.5Gbps Interpolator-based Clock and Data Recovery Circuit for FPGA

Lip-Kai Soh and Wai-Tat Wong
Altera Corporation


This paper presents a programmable half-rate clock and data recovery (CDR) circuit for plesiochronous serial I/O links. The CDR is implemented in TSMC 28nm high-k metal-gate CMOS technology and covers a continuous range of data rates from 2.5Gb/s to 12.5Gb/s. The higher data rate is achieved by demultiplexing and decimating the sampled data in order for the subsequent circuit to operate at a much lower speed. The CDR is able to track maximum frequency deviation of 286.78 ppm between the incoming data and the local reference clock at 12.5Gb/s. The CDR occupies a chip area of 18700um2 and consumes 30.30mW of power at 12.5Gb/s.