Analysis of System Bus on SoC Platform Using TSV Interconnection (INVITED)

Kyoungrok Cho,  Hyeon-Seok Na,  Tae Won Cho,  Younggap You
College of Electrical and Computer Eng., Chungbuk Nat'l University


This paper proposes a latency model for a multi-layer system on chip (SoC) structure employing through silicon vias (TSVs). TSVs are used to interconnect multiple SoC chips stacked to form a three-dimensional (3-D) structure. The proposed latency model has been used to estimate the system performance. The performance estimation reflects the number of IPs connected to the system bus, data throughput and the number of masters in the system. The maximum throughput calculation results can be used to find the appropriate number of chips to be stacked during the 3-D multi-layer SoC system design process.