Design of Lane Detection System Based on Color Classification and Edge Clustering

Cha-Keon Cheong

Hoseo University


This paper presents a design of system to detect more accurate road lane with image sensor-based color classification and directional edge clustering. With treatment of road region and lane as a recognizable color object, the clustering of color cues is processed by an iterative optimization of statistical parameters to each color object. These clustered color objects are taken into considerations as initial kernel information for color object detection and recognition. In order to improve the limitation of object classification using the color cues, the directional edge cures within the estimated region of interest in the lane boundary (ROI-LB) are clustered and combined. The results of color classification and directional edge clustering are optimally integrated to obtain the best detection of road lane. The characteristic of the proposed system is to obtain robust result to all real road environments because of using non-parametric approach based only on information of color and edge clustering without a particular mathematical road and lane model. The experimental results to the various real road environments and imaging conditions are presented to evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed method.