A Complementary Single-Electron 4-bit Multiplexer

Thomas Tsiolakis1,  Nikos Konofaos2,  George Alexiou1

1University of Patras, 2University of the Aegean


Abstract—the design and simulation of a single-electron 4-1 complementary multiplexer is being presented using two Monte Carlo based tools. Both the behavior and the stability of the circuit were verified while its free energy and its speed were also examined and analyzed. The results confirmed that the circuit behaved as a complementary multiplexer. Moreover, the currents through the circuit were examined under the operating temperature, while a stable operation of the circuit was verified without any noise present at the output points.

Keywords—Circuit stability, circuit free energy, Coulomb blockade, Monte Carlo method, single electron complementary gate, single electron design and simulation, single electron multiplexer, single electron transistor (SET), single electron tunneling, single electronics, noise.