Nonlinear Mismatch Modeling of Resistor Device for Circuit Simulations

Muhamad Amri Ismail and Iskhandar Md Nasir

MIMOS Berhad


Mismatch effects are vital in manufacturing variability especially for analog circuit design, not only to the active devices but also to the passive devices. This paper presents a new method to characterize the nonlinear mismatch effect for resistor device using the compact SPICE resistor model which is suitable for circuit simulations. The proposed model is simple in methodology with fewer model coefficients compared to other reported resistor mismatch models, however, provides an accurate predictions of nonlinear mismatch characteristics which are found in submicron semiconductor process and below. The model accuracy is experimentally verified by the good agreements between measured and Monte Carlo simulated data where the root mean square error is less than 5%. The model is applied into circuit design example to show the model suitability for yield prediction purpose.