Design of a Contactless Sensor System for Woven-Bag Manufacture Monitoring

Montri Supattatham,  Narongrit Waraporn,  Weerasak Thumbanthu,  Jonathan H. Chan

School of Information Technology, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi


Abstract: An affordable and robust contactless sensor system was designed for woven-bag manufacture production monitoring. Based on user requirements and the need to function in the presence of moisture, dust, and other harsh environmental conditions in a factory such as constant vibrations, a closed-loop Hall-effect magnetic field sensor was selected. The system was lab-tested to be rugged, reliable and maintenance-free. In addition, a production management system using the sensor was developed to improve the effectiveness and efficiency in controlling the manufacturing process and detecting defects related to machine operations in a woven-bag manufacturing factory in order to improve production rates.

Keywords: Contactless sensor, Hall effect, magnetic field, production monitoring, woven-bag manufacturing