Decision-based Biochips: A Novel Design for Concurrent Execution of Networked Bioassays integrated in Scalable DMFBs

Pranab Roy1,  Mriganka Chakraborty1,  Aatreyi Bal1,  Hafizur Rahaman1,  Parthasarathi Dasgupta2
1Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology,Shibpur,India, 2Indian Institute of Management Calcutta,India


Digital Microfluidic Biochips, a promising platform for Lab-on-chip systems are capable of automated biochemical analysis targeted for medical diagnostics and other biochemical applications. Due to its reconfigurability and scalability, a DMFB device is capable of integrating multiple bioassay protocols within the same array for simultaneous execution. We propose a DMFB design capable of executing multiple Bioassays selectively based on prior detection of results of already executed protocols at previous timestamps. We propose specified detection analyzers to be integrated with photodiodes preplaced at dedicated detection sites and a centralized memory to decide on the predefined signal set for a given execution sequence. The simulation is carried out using FPGA prototypes integrated with a DMFB with a prespecified layout for multilevel execution and the results are found to be in conformance with conventional benchtop procedures.