Realization of Non-linear i-v Curve with Low Power Dissipation Using Linear Ion Drift Memristor Model

Anusudha T A and Prabaharan SRS
School of Electronics Engineering, VIT University Chennai campus, Chennai


Modern memories are very power hungry, larger in size, low retention period, low chip density and high cost. Memristor is a missing passive circuit element and regarded as a new class of emerging non-volatile memories overcoming the above problems. Memristor may be thought of an active as well as passive device based on the conditions of Memristance and Dynamic Negative Differential Resistance (DNDR). Memristor has been used for non-volatile memory applications, if and only if it produces non-linear pinched hysteresis curve. If the size of the pinched hysteresis curve increases, power dissipation increases as well. In this paper, we discuss the parametric analysis of memristor adopting the linear ion- drift model to achieve low power dissipation while retaining the nonlinear i-v characteristics.