Current-Mode Simultaneous Bidirectional Transceiver for On-Chip Global Interconnects

Nijwm Wary and Pradip Mandal
Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India


A new current-mode simultaneous bidirectional transceiver for high speed asynchronous communication over on-chip global interconnects has been proposed in this paper. The new transceiver can receive and transmit the data simultaneously over a same differential interconnect, thereby decreasing the number of interconnects required compared to unidirectional signalling schemes. The transceiver provides a low impedance by consuming low static current and so supports high bandwidth of transmission. The circuit has been implemented in 65 nm UMC process with a global interconnect of length 5 mm and width 1.5 um. The energy efficiency of the transceiver for simultaneous bidirectional data transmission of 10 Gbps data is 0.38 pJ/b.