Variability Aware Performance Evaluation of Low Power SRAM Cell

Hansel Dsilva,  Julian Pinto,  Arzan Elchidana,  Sudhakar Mande
Department of Electronics and Telecommunication, Don Bosco Institute of Technology, Mumbai University, India.


Till today CMOS scaling is considered as the best option to achieve higher density, high performance and low power integrated circuits. However, scaling of conventional planar MOSFET in the sub-45nm regime leads to many undesirable short channel effects. FinFET is considered as the suitable candidate for the replacement of conventional planar MOSFETs. In this work, suitability of FinFETs for replacement of planar bulk technology in sub-20nm regime has been verified using Predictive Technology Models. For this purpose, the performance of the FinFET based SRAM cell is compared with conventional planar Bulk based SRAM cell. Moreover, robustness of FinFET based SRAM cell against process, temperature and power supply variations is evaluated and compared with conventional planar based SRAM cell. Our simulation results confirms the suitability of FinFETs for the replacement of conventional planar CMOS technology.