hybrid functional verification methodology for Video & Audio Soc

Sandeep Gupta
Mentor Graphics


Functional verification is one of the main challenges in developing SoC-based products, such as consumer electronic devices and portables that incorporate complex audio and video interfaces - namely early verification of multimedia processing capabilities. Due to rising design complexity, increasingly intricate hardware/software interactions and rising demand for lower power operation are putting pressure on SoC functional verification strategies. These trends are the threats to SoC predictability and product development schedules. In this paper we are discussing hybrid functional verification methodology well suited for Video/Audio SoC.

The hybrid function verification methodology discussed here delivers real-world test data and analysis tools to ensure that the verification of the SoC has been checked thoroughly for compliance and conformance to standards, along with verifying complex interoperability issues in both software and hardware. It reduces the problems faced by many designers who require the accurate generation and analysis of long data streams for multiple protocols and standards, such as video/audio data for multimedia