First Intel Low-Cost IA Atom-based System-On-Chip for Nettop/Netbook

Suphachai Sutanthavibul1 and Perabala Suresh Kumar2
1Intel Corp, 2Intel Microelectronics, Penang, Malaysia


The paper describes a design IP-reuse methodology used in a new Intel Low Cost IA (LCIA) System-on-Chip (SoC) design, call Pineview (PNV). The PNV SoC is used in the next generation Intel Nettop/Netbook platform. The SoC chip integrates several Intel internal Intellectual Property (IP) blocks on the same die: mainly two Atom CPU cores, a Graphic engine, a memory controller, and IO interfaces. The IP-reuse methodology provides high design efficiency and productivity. It also allows flexibility and customization for lower power consumption and a floorplan optimization needed for the Nettop/Netbook market segment. The paper also provides an overview of the PNV based Nettop/Netbook platform architecture.