Combined Fault-Model Free Cause-Effect and Effect-Cause Fault Diagnosis in Block-Level Digital Networks

Raimund Ubar,  Sergei Kostin,  Jaan Raik
Tallinn University of Technology


The main objective of this work is to combine the concept of fault model free diagnosis simultaneously with cause-effect and effect-cause analysis in digital networks. We consider the diagnosis as a two step task: first, to locate a subset of faulty blocks in a network by using block level fault dictionaries, second, to locate the faulty block in this subset by effect-cause analysis. The size of the fault dictionary depends linearly on the number of blocks to be determined as faulty or not faulty. We propose a measure for evaluating the block-level diagnostic resolution of a given network, and show how this measure can be used for guiding effect-cause diagnostic analysis. Experimental results provide the data which characterize the proposed measure.

Keywords: digital networks, block-level fault diagnosis, cause-effect and effect-cause analysis, diagnostic resolution