MEBRS:Energy Balancing Route Scheduling in Centralized Wireless Sensor Networks

yawen dai1,  quan wang2,  xiaoqiang li1
1Wuhan University of Technology, 2Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications


Energy efficiency has been known as the most important problem in wireless sensor networks. However, different applications need different energy efficiency protocols. A centralized wireless sensor network with mesh topology can enable the reliable monitoring of a variety of environments,such as plant monitoring, city traffic monitoring. In this paper, we propose the MEBRSS (Mesh Network Energy Balancing Route Scheduling) algorithm for the network of this type.This algorithm considers both the traffic and the remaining power of all nodes.In addition,the shortest path is selected after such considerations to meet the delay requirement of many applications.The algorithm computes an energy consumption balancing factor for each node,which can represent a balance of the traffic and the remaining energy of each node. We use several matrices to describe the relative information to make the decision, which makes the algorithm simple and efficient. The simulation shows good result for its applicability.