Analytical Modeling of Hot Carrier Injection Induced Degradation in Triple Gate Bulk FinFETs

Nayereh Ghobadi,  Ali Afzali-Kusha,  Ebrahim Asl-Soleimani
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran


In this paper, an analytical model for the HCI induced trap generation in the gate oxide and the degradation of a triple gate bulk FinFET is presented. The model which is obtained by solving the Reaction-Diffusion equations multi-dimensionally, includes the geometry dependence of the time-exponent of HCI degradation of the structure. In this framework, the electric field distribution and the maximum lateral electric field near the drain region are obtained through solving the Poisson’s equation in the saturation region near the drain. Also, the nth power law MOS model is used to model the saturation current and its degradation. The accuracy of the HCI model is verified using experimental results.