Novel Techniques for Off-State Current Components Reduction in Double Gate Source-Heterojunction-MOS-Transistor

Mahsa Tahermaram,  Morteza Fathipour,  Hamdam Ghanatian,  Mahdi Vadizadeh
Dept of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran


In this paper, we introduce a novel double gate SHOT which provides at least the drain current twice higher than that of the conventional single gate SHOT structure. Improved characteristics are originated from the high velocity electron injection at the source edge due to the band offset energy. However, these devices suffer from large off- state current. The analysis of the off-state current characteristics shows that provided 90% reduction in off-stat current. Based on this analysis, we proposed use of work function engineering as well as asymmetric gate oxide at the overlapped region to minimize the magnitude of GIDL current which is the main component of the off-state current.