A CMOS Radio Frequency Receiver for Bluetooth Applications

Jenn-Tzer Yang
Ming-Hsin University of Science and Techonology


In this paper, a 2.4GHz radio frequency (RF) CMOS receiver based on all active devices for Bluetooth applications is presented. In this receiver, it is integrated with a low noise amplifier (LNA), a mixer, and a voltage controlled oscillator (VCO). The LNA design is used a differential output configure and high-Q active inductors to obtain low noise figure (NF) and high enough power gain. In the mixer design, a high linearity topology and low power consumption are designed. The VCO circuit based on high-Q active inductors and cross-coupled architecture is applied. The integration of the LNA, the mixer, and the VCO construct all active devices Bluetooth receive. Using TSMC 0.18um process, the receiver can be operated in 2.4GHz frequency for Bluetooth applications. Simulation results show that the receiver have the conversion gain of 16.2dB, the sensitivity of -101.5dBm, the noise figure of 2.5dB, the 1dB compression of -26.5dBm, and the IIP3 of -19.7dBm, respectively. The power consumption of the proposed receiver is about 42mW at 1.8V power supply.